Meet the Holy Spirit vestry team.

Vestry & Lay Leadership

The Holy Spirit Vestry, consisting of 15 dedicated lay members who meet monthly, develops business strategies and policy,
advises the clergy and plays a leading role in most church activities.

In addition to the Vestry, the Church Treasurer, Chancellor, and Delegates to Diocesan Council are positions held by lay members who
willingly volunteer their time and energy in the service of the parish.

Senior Warden

Melissa Peters
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Junior Warden

Kim Myer
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John Givens
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Charlie Yardley
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Melissa Peter
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Ian Bremner
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Bob King
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Shelly Lester
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Christy Lock
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Nancy Moody
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Scott Owen
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Cynthia Sartwelle
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Steve B. Sigloch, Jr.
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Clair Silliman
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James Weiss
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