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Lenten Respite & Depth

I write this in anticipation that next week I will be away with my family on Spring Break. This is the first year that my kids are old enough to do the whole spring break thing and we are all excited to be heading to San Antonio! It is interesting to consider that during every [...]

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Sharing the Joy of God

If we consider summer a Sabbath time for respite, rest, and getting away, then the fall, and especially October, must be a time of excitement and big happenings. This Sunday we will have our second Sunday in a row with a baptism at the 10:30 service.  I hope you will come and support Layton as [...]

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Summer – a seasonal Sabbath

Each season seems to come with its own rhythm. The fall kicks off the school and program year. Winter comes with the busyness of the holidays. Spring is a busy time of school years ending and Easter celebrations. Summer too is a distinct time. Every summer I am surprised by the circumstances that force me [...]

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