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Lenten Respite & Depth

I write this in anticipation that next week I will be away with my family on Spring Break. This is the first year that my kids are old enough to do the whole spring break thing and we are all excited to be heading to San Antonio! It is interesting to consider that during every [...]

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Quiet & Reflective Moments

There are so many special and important things that happen in the church this time of the year. Amidst the Holy Week services, Easter preparations, outreach collections, service projects, and church outings, there are a great deal of quiet and reflective moments I would like to invite you to observe as well. There is an [...]

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A time of Unveiling

Lent is a time of unveiling. I am often surprised by the things that come up in life during these forty days and forty nights. The rhythms of prayer, reflection, devotionals, and disciplines can have a clarifying effect and any intentional focus or awareness in our lives is bound to bring insight. I have been [...]

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