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The Wonderful Gift of Life

My son has just started playing T-ball. We went to the athletic store, bought him a glove, a bat, and several practice balls. I took him to the batting cages earlier this week and helped with the teams batting and throwing practice last night. It is an exciting time as he gets ready to play [...]

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The joy God takes in our joy together…

I love the fall at Holy Spirit  because it seems like every week we  have several exciting things happening. At the moment I am having a hard time staying at my desk because just outside the office are lots and lots of beautiful plants for our plant sale. I just want to go out and [...]

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Joyful Anticipation

A recent study showed that people who attend church not only feel better during the time they are in church, but they are happier throughout the week...spend more of their time in a positive mental state...spend more time with friends...and engaged in more outreach which itself has a positive impact on mental health.  I believe [...]

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Christmas 2015

Grace and peace to you in this holy season! I write you in hopes you are finding peace and joy in the culmination of this holiday season. As we prepare for Jesus’ coming on Christmas morning, I invite you to ponder what Mary and Joseph must have been experiencing in their final days of getting [...]

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