Dear Saints of God,

As you open the pages of Holy Spirit’s 2019 Stewardship Pledge Program, I invite you to think about the goodness of God who gives you life and blesses you with all that you have. At the end of this process, you will be invited to give back to God for the sake of His Gospel at work in our church and in the world that God so loves.

This is your invitation to support our church family in two ways.

First, we are inviting you to pledge your Time and Talent. Try a new ministry or sign up for something you’ve always been curious about. Our work together can range from hands on outreach to helping scramble eggs at our First Sunday Breakfasts. Your participation in these ministries will grow your connection to Holy Spirit and will be life giving for you.

Second, we invite you to pray about your financial giving. If you are newer to Holy Spirit, please consider being a part of the fiscal health of our community by making a pledge to give in 2019. If you have been giving to Holy Spirit for many years, please consider increasing your pledge to support our church as our many ministries multiply. If you have had a new financial shift in your life because of something like a promotion or new job, consider reflecting the blessing of such an opportunity by increasing your pledge. There is much new life and growth at Holy Spirit and all ministry here is made possible because of your generosity. 

We know that you could donate money to any number of institutions doing good work in the world. But the church is the one place where the Gospel love of Jesus Christ is shared with a world that needs to hear it. Connect with us. Give of your time. Be generous financially.

God is clearly calling Holy Spirit Church into so much joyful ministry. Come be a part of what God is doing. 

At the end of this packet, there are two pledge cards. We are inviting you to turn in your Time and Talent pledge card by the end of September and your Treasure pledge card by the end of October. Please accept the call to give from your blessings. Your support makes sure that the Good News of love and grace offered freely through Jesus Christ can spread and grow in our lives and in our world.

Yours in Christ,

The. Rev. Joshua T. Condon
Rector, Holy Spirit Episcopal Church and School