I read last week’s Epistle (I Corinthians 1:10-18) and thought to myself that churchwork is churchwork, whether it be in first century Corinth or twenty-first century Houston.  It occurs to me that when Paul wrote his people in Corinth about putting their faith and attention in Christ rather than dividing themselves up into camps about who had baptized them, that he did not likely think that his letters would one day take on the magnitude of becoming Holy Scripture.  That said, here it is.
It is my experience that Holy Spirit has a very low level of conflict compared to other communities that I have observed, but the message that Paul is trying to convey to his folks there in Corinth is still important for us to hear.  We are to not to delineate amongst ourselves because we are all one in Christ.
I loved last year’s stewardship logo because it so cleverly articulated this.  My son actually wore his retreat t-shirt to school today with that logo on the back because Fridays are Spirit Days.  Further, every time that we send our Lay Eucharistic Visitors out to take communion to our people who can’t physically be with us on Sunday, we finish with that wonderful phrase, “We who are many are one body, because we all share one bread, one cup.”
On Sunday, we will gather for our Annual Meeting.  This meeting is meant to be a time when we elect new Vestry members and hear about all the wonderful things that have happened in the year just passed while also looking to the year ahead.  We will hear about how we have all come together to support the ministry of our church in our stewardship campaign (there is still time to pledge if you haven’t yet).  We will hear about how our capital campaign has (so far and already!) exceeded the three-times-annual-giving marker that is the top goal for most capital campaigns in churches (and this pledge campaign will also continue for a little while longer).  We will hear about how great our school is doing and introduce to you our new incoming Head of School.  Through it all, I pray that we keep our hearts and minds fixed on the Good News that it is because we are all one Body in Christ that we can see God at work in all of what we do.  I hope you will join us for this special gathering of our Body.  May God bless the ministry of Holy Spirit Church and School!