Almost every Thursday I look up and wonder what happened to the week. How is it already Thursday? In reflecting on this this afternoon, it occurred to me that while the middle of the week always seems to slip past, Sundays always seem to be present. I fully acknowledge that as the guy who is working on my sermon all week or planning for upcoming events, most of which happen on the weekends, that I likely have a more prominent focus on what happens each Sunday than many. But, I also reflect on the truth that we are still the church throughout the week, we are just more dispersed until we get to come back together to worship.
As the week goes by, there are parts of us heading downtown to go to work, and parts of us flying to far off places for meetings. There are parts of our Body that do all sorts of varying things. Also, throughout the week we have touch points where we re-gather like Vestry meetings, Wednesday worship, or lunch with our Seniors, Retirees, and Empty Nesters group. Through it all, we are one Body in Christ.
Next weekend there will be a wonderful chance for our Body to head to the woods together for our Retreat. While not all can come, we will still be one body, and so whether you are worshiping in Houston or at Camp Allen, we will be worshiping together in God’s Spirit. I pray that if you can join us you will.
We have been planning the Retreat for months, and I am very excited for us to spend this time together.