There are so many special and important things that happen in the church this time of the year. Amidst the Holy Week services, Easter preparations, outreach collections, service projects, and church outings, there are a great deal of quiet and reflective moments I would like to invite you to observe as well. There is an overnight prayer vigil on Maundy Thursday that asks nothing more of you than to come and wait for an hour just as Jesus’ disciples waited with him for Good Friday. This is simply a matter of finding an hour to sit in the church sometime during the night on Maundy Thursday.
Another quite moving and deeply spiritual moment for us will happen this Sunday evening when we have a service of Lenten reflections and music complete with the choir singing the Via Crucis (The Way of the Cross). This service, much like our service of Lessons and Carols in Advent, is a chance to take a break to reflect on the significance of the moment in which we find ourselves. As the world around us moves ever faster and our own interior life of mind and soul continues to be pulled into the frantic pace of modern life, we need a moment to take a beat. We need a chance to stop, sit, and listen. Let us turn ourselves toward the only thing that trumps all others, our ultimate hope that has been assured to us by the events we observe during Holy Week.
May God open our eyes and ears as Lent culminates. May He open our hearts and minds to what he has done for us. May our souls soak up the infinite grace that has been given through Jesus Christ.