I write this in anticipation that next week I will be away with my family on Spring Break. This is the first year that my kids are old enough to do the whole spring break thing and we are all excited to be heading to San Antonio! It is interesting to consider that during every Lent, schools take this break and families either enjoy how beautiful Houston is this time of year or get out of town together. At first glance, a week of downtime and enjoyment seems antithetical to Lent, but I would say that being able to take Sabbath time with family can actually be a spiritual exercise in itself. We were all made for connection and so to step away from daily routines allows us to step back and pay attention to each other and grow in our relationships. I pray that even if you do not have kids who will be on break this week, you will take time to connect with loved ones and enjoy some time together. May this be a moment of Lenten respite and depth.