I open almost every Eagle Scout ceremony at Holy Spirit with a prayer. As I pray, I give thanks for the scout who has worked so hard and persevered to the point of accomplishing this distinguished rank and I thank God for all the success that culminates in that moment. I also always make a point to include prayers in thanksgiving for the support and perseverance of the parents of the new Eagle Scout. I am aware that inevitably any number of things have the potential to prevent completion and the support and encouragement from parents is often one of the deciding factors.
I believe that God desires for us to know that we have similar support. We move through this life doing our best to stay on top of the proverbial “badges” in our own lives. We manage our schedules, meet deadlines, learn skills, and even coordinate major projects. But ultimately, every single one of us needs the encouragement from our Father in Heaven that lets us know that we are not alone in this life. When we fall short, we know that God loves us, cares for us, and forgives us. When we succeed, we know that God celebrates with us. When our final ceremony takes place, I believe we will also have the insight of how much support we have had along the way. Thanks be to God for all the life we have and all the care we receive.
I invite everyone to come to breakfast this Sunday as we celebrate our scouts and I invite all our scouts to wear your uniforms so that we make a point to let you know how supportive we are of your growth and perseverance through your program.