It occurred to me the other day that the very nature of a New Year’s Resolution is to admit that we are not who we wish we could be. If we have resolved to change ourselves or our habits, then our state of being before the year started must not have been satisfactory to us. This is more of an observation than a judgment. Trust me, there are parts of myself that I would change if only I could. And so I offer a suggestion. Take on one more resolution: Trust that whatever it is about yourself that you wish you could fix is a part of yourself that does not keep God from loving you.

In fact, I imagine every time I make the same bad decision, keep the same bad habit, or make the same mistake yet again that God is up there saying “That is so Josh, I just love him so much!” I’m not saying that God loves us because we are broken, but just that God loves us. This is also not to say that we shouldn’t care or try, because I believe there is joy in heaven every time we act lovingly towards each other or ourselves. But instead, I think that the new year not only brings the hope of starting over and trying to do better, but also brings the hope of a whole year ahead in which to hear the Good News of God’s love that redeems and forgives all. You see, God chose us. He chose to come and dwell with us. Not some impossibly perfect people, but broken people to whom he could offer true life. May part of your resolve this year be devoted to the acceptance of God’s acceptance.