A blessed Veterans Day to all.
This day we recall and honor those who offered themselves to the service of their neighbors. I was recently able to spend time touring the World War II museum in New Orleans. I was amazed by the artifacts, information, and stories collected at the museum. The sheer number of people who took part in that effort and the immensity of the task before the Allied forces was overwhelming. One of the great things about the way the museum was organized was that each visitor was given a soldier to follow through the course of the war. At every turn, I was able to check in and see where my soldier was at that particular part of the war. The vast range of experiences portrayed the complexity of the effort that brought them all to serve together.
One of the artifacts I especially enjoyed seeing was a mobile altar and communion kit. Alongside the kit was a story of a chaplain who offered a sermon along the front lines with the help of a loud speaker. While he preached, there was a brief cease fire for both sides to stop and listen. I know there is no way to know exactly what was said, but I stood before that communion kit and imagined what I would want to say. I would want both sides to know that God loved them and that God desired for reconciliation. What a powerful message to share that God’s love is not limited by our conflicts or the things that divide us, even events as immense as a world war.  This is good news for all of us to hear. God can love us all whatever side we are on of whatever issue is at hand, large or small. We are never so right or so wrong that it can effect God’s ability so see us for what we are, beloved of God made clean through the grace of forgiveness.
I pray you will give thanks with me this day for the service of our veterans and for the ultimate love of God for all.