Every year the approach to Christmas is a little different. Part of that comes with the myriad of ways that my children change from year to year, each cycle bringing a new experience and awareness of the wonder of Christmas. This year December has flown by. Every weekend has come with a truly special experience here at Holy Spirit and each day has included insight from our parishioners as found in our Advent Devotional. I often marvel at the genius of the liturgical cycle that brings us back again and again every year to celebrate anew all that God has done. Every year we experience the joy of the coming of Christ into the world. I believe this reveals the mystery of all the ways we experience the coming and presence of God in our lives year after year. The revelation of the Incarnation is always being newly discovered and this year is no different. I pray that you will join us for Christmas services as the promise of God’s love made manifest in Jesus reveals the ongoing presence of Christ in our lives. Come, let us adore Him.


van Honthorst, G. (1622). Adoration of the Shepherds [Painting].