When the wise men started following the star westward, they set out on a journey to encounter the new King of all creation. They sought out the ruler of all that is and is to come. When they found Jesus, their encounter was the beginning of the revelation to all humanity that Jesus came for all people to love them and to save them. This is why we call it the Epiphany, because it was a revelation of insight that was unexpected and exceptional.
This season after the Epiphany is a season in which we seek deeper revelation of who God is in Jesus Christ. This past Sunday we heard that at Jesus’ Baptism the heavens opened up and the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus and God declared Jesus His beloved son. As we continue to explore the revelation of God in Christ, I invite you to consider what it means that God sent his beloved son to all the peoples of the earth to bring good news of love, deliverance, and salvation. We will be exploring these themes and revelations in my adult Sunday school class through the end of January. I look forward to the many insights to come as we seek the nature of Epiphany!