This weekend our delegates will be traveling to Galveston for the 168th Council in the Diocese of Texas. This means that our people will gather with the faithful representatives of churches from all across our diocese to worship together, share stories of ministry, hear from our bishop, and discuss our common life. It also means that our group will have a chance to eat and pray together between the meetings of council. While there are many sessions that provide insight into the amazing things God is doing around our diocese, spending time with fellow Holy Spiriters is one of my favorite parts of Council.
Just in the past week there have been a lot of fellowship opportunities for us to spend time enjoying the company of fellow parishioners. We had our first Sunday breakfast with our scouts, an outing to the Cathedral complete with Cajun food with our seniors, retirees, and empty nesters, a community dinner at the Rajin’ Cajun, and more. It is amazing that this is what we have experienced just this week! There are some big events coming up including our community auction and parish retreat and some more regular events like Shrove Tuesday and Sunday donuts and coffee hours.  I believe that it is in spending time together that we grow in our relationships and I believe that relationality is at the heart of the Christian faith and life.
When we reflect on Jesus’ life and ministry, we see that he regularly ate with people and stayed with people in order to grow in relationship with them and have meaningful conversations. It is no mistake that one of the primary things that he left us with is a shared holy meal that we all eat together at the altar rail. When we gather to receive the gift of nourishment, whether holy or in fellowship, we are receiving not only the gift of food, but also the gift of a shared blessing. May the blessing of being together remind us of the blessing of God’s presence with us and  may we all give thanks for all the ways we are fed.