Lent is a time of unveiling. I am often surprised by the things that come up in life during these forty days and forty nights. The rhythms of prayer, reflection, devotionals, and disciplines can have a clarifying effect and any intentional focus or awareness in our lives is bound to bring insight. I have been pondering how this plays itself out for our community, and why this holy season plays such an important role in the way our liturgical year progresses.
I believe that intrinsic to the depth of this season is the way that our shared religious life permeates our everyday life for this period. During Lent, we give up things or take on practices in a way that everyday life is wrapped up in a part of our lives that is so often Sunday-centric. For instance, when on Tuesday we yearn for things we have given up for Lent, the reality of our life of faith breaks in and reminds us that every day is a day with God. If we have given up something like Facebook, your religious life has reoriented your everyday interactions with people. If you have given up some unhealthy vice or habit, your faith has had a positive impact on your health, mental and/or physical. If you have taken on prayer practices you will be reminded of the joy of talking to God every day.
Whatever you are doing this season, it will hopefully tie the hopefulness of Sunday to the reality of everyday. In preparation for Easter, may we delve deeper into the Easter truth that God’s grace is always present forgiving and encouraging. That we have a wonderfully loving companion in God who is daily present and perpetually involved in us. When we explore the everyday reality that God knows our everyday sins and gracefully forgives us everyday, we come closer to knowing more clearly who we are because of who God is. May this season be an experience of God’s perpetual presence and our eternal hope.