Our 10:30 am classic worship service at Holy Spirit Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas.

The 8:00 and 10:30 am services
The Nave (the Church)

Our 5:00 pm contemporary worship service at Holy Spirit Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas.

The 5:00pm Service
Palmer Parish Hall

Gathering as a community of faith, we pray, sing, read scripture, partake in the ancient sacraments, and hear the Good News of God in Christ that saves us all. We observe the church seasons like Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter,
and celebrate special days throughout the year.

All of our services come from the Book of Common Prayer, include music, and are meant to be a space to enter into for the sake of encountering our living God. The 8:00am service uses language that is a little more traditional (which means there is an occasional “thy” and “thee” included), the 10:30am includes a full choir (except in the summer), full acolyte group, and full ceremony. The 5:00pm service is very similar to our morning services, but we worship in the parish hall where we gather
in more casual clothes to sing hymns to guitars rather than organ.

In all that we do, it is our assurance and hope that God will be in the midst of us when we are together. If you would like to come and share in this experience, please know that you are sincerely welcome and if you want to know more about who we are,
please don’t hesitate to contact us (713) 468-7796.

Children are always welcome and encouraged to attend all of our services.  We have a designated area at the back of the Nave equipped with tables and chairs, colors and books, The Jesus Storybook Bible and other activities for children to explore their faith and learn with during the services.  We also have gliders for parents to rock and soothe babies.  Additionally, we offer a fully staffed nursery with childcare for children four and under during our morning services.  Learn more about our nursery here.

Photos from our morning services in the Nave (the Church).

Photos from our 5:00pm service in Palmer Parish Hall.