Project Description

What is the Stewardship Committee?  
The Stewardship Committee is a standing committee of the Vestry that works to fully engage all the parish’s resources (time, talents, and treasures) in order to maximize impact on the Church’s mission. 

What does it do? 
The Committee is a strategic advisor to the Vestry on parish engagement and ministry leadership matters.  It also communicates to the parish during volunteer engagement and annual Operating Fund campaign seasons. 

 Who currently serves on it? 
The current members are Ian Bremner, Bob King (chair), Curt Martin, Nancy Moody (vice chair), Allison Nieto, and Kevin Smith.  We need an additional four to six members to be positioned to fully carry out our responsibilities.  

Who does it report to? 
The Committee was established by and reports to the Vestry. 

 How much time is required? 
The Committee will try to operate with as few regular meetings as possible, but you should expect two or three called meetings per year to organize and gain everyone’s input on important matters.  We need you to be thinking about how to best engage parishioners in the ministry of the Church.  You will be assigned 20 parish families to follow — hopefully most of those will be folks you already know, but not all — and during the year you will be in contact with them to a) check on their pastoral needs, b) encourage them to volunteer for ministry, and c) encourage them to participate in the annual Operating Fund campaign. 

Am I a good fit for this? 
You are a good fit if you a) desire for the Church to become more impactful in its ministry, b) want to play a leadership role in the growth of the Church, and c) are a people person who enjoys meeting and being engaged with a variety of your fellow parishioners.  A wide variety of professional backgrounds would be helpful and welcome on the Committee. 

 Who should I contact if interested? 
If you are interested in serving, please contact the Stewardship Committee chair, Mr. Bob King (