If you have children, please bring them to worship at Holy Spirit.
We are all one body of many members and children bless us with their presence.

Houston Children’s Ministries at Holy Spirit Episcopal Church

At Holy Spirit, we believe that our faith life starts early. For that reason, we desire for our children to start experiencing worship fully at an early age. We do have nursery available for children ages 5 and under, but children of all ages are
welcome in church.

For that reason, we have a special area complete with rocking gliders for parents of little babies and tables and chairs
for children to color while they listen to the
prayers, scripture and music.

We often hear stories of children reenacting communion at some point during the week and it gladdens our hearts to know our little ones are connected with worship.

We also entrust the telling of the story of Jesus’ birth in our nativity pageant the Sunday before Christmas. They always preach this good news in joyful and childlike ways.

The Holy Spirit Children’s Ministries include Sunday School, First Sunday Formation and Outreach, and Vacation Bible School. We seek to nurture and grow with children as they develop their relationship with God.

Sunday School

Children’s Chapel
(Aug 26, 2018 – May, 2019)

We gather together in our Children’s Chapel each week for a short worship service. Afterward, the children join their age appropriate peers for fun activities, games, crafts, and discussions related to the weekly story.
The worship service incorporates prayers and songs designed to help children grow and learn the faith and be comfortable participating in larger church services. Every week of Sunday School has a designated topic or story shared during the Sunday School worship service.
We rotate our stories through the Old Testament, the New Testament, and aspects of our communal life together.

Lessons from Year 2 of Weaving God’s Promises

Rotation 1
January 14th #20 – The first people in Jesus’ Ministry
January 21st #21 – The Wedding in Cana and Jesus goes to the Temple
January 28th #23 – The Woman a the Well Spreads the Word
February 11th #24 – Jesus heals a Boy from Far away & helps a man walk again
February 18th #25 – Jesus Feeds a lot with a little & Jesus walks on water
February 25th #26 – Who Does Jesus Say he is?
March 11th #29 – Jesus brings his friend Lazarus Back to Life

Rotation 2
March 18th #30 – Jesus Ministry draws to a close; Mary prepares him for Buriel
March 25th #31 – *Palm Sunday* – Jesus  prepares his disciples for the last supperApril 8th 33 – Jesus is Alive
April 15th #34 – The Risen Jesus Comes to Dinner
April 22nd #35 – Jesus Helps capture fish
April 29th #36 – The Story of Peter
May 13th #41 – Five Medieval woman
May 20th #43 – Thomas Cramner and friends, and the Book of Common Prayer