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An Unexpected Revelation of Insight

When the wise men started following the star westward, they set out on a journey to encounter the new King of all creation. They sought out the ruler of all that is and is to come. When they found Jesus, their encounter was the beginning of the revelation to all humanity that Jesus came for [...]

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God Chose Us.

It occurred to me the other day that the very nature of a New Year's Resolution is to admit that we are not who we wish we could be. If we have resolved to change ourselves or our habits, then our state of being before the year started must not have been satisfactory to us. [...]

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God’s joy, grace, and peace in our midst.

Merry Christmas! As we bask in the joy of the Incarnation and look forward to the transition into a new calendar year, I would like to invite you to join me in a special practice in the year ahead. The joining of heaven to earth in Jesus is an ongoing process. God coming and dwelling [...]

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Come, let us adore Him.

Every year the approach to Christmas is a little different. Part of that comes with the myriad of ways that my children change from year to year, each cycle bringing a new experience and awareness of the wonder of Christmas. This year December has flown by. Every weekend has come with a truly special experience [...]

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Thanksgiving, Gratitude, & Blessedness

Grace and peace be with you. I pray that this time of thanksgiving may be for you a time of joy and gratitude. That said, it can also be a time of challenge. As John said in his sermon on Sunday, Thanksgiving can be a time of anxiety or dread as we anticipate spending time [...]

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Giving thanks for the service of our veterans.

A blessed Veterans Day to all. This day we recall and honor those who offered themselves to the service of their neighbors. I was recently able to spend time touring the World War II museum in New Orleans. I was amazed by the artifacts, information, and stories collected at the museum. The sheer number of [...]

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Restoring Comfort Through Blessed Assurance

All Saints is one of the most significant feast days in the church year.  The celebration that God has made us his own and given us an identity through baptism is a celebration that we have been redeemed and marked as Christ's own forever.  In a nutshell, All Saints is a celebration that we are [...]

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Let us rejoice and be glad in it

"Think of us in this way, as servants of Christ and stewards of God's mysteries" - I Corinthians 4:1 We are three weeks into our capital campaign and every time I sit with people and discuss all that came out of our listening campaign two years ago and all the discernment and work that our [...]

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The Heart of being the Church

At the heart of being the Church (the baptized body of Christ, many members come together to make a single whole), is the simple act of being together. Sometimes we are together as the Church in worship or service to others. Other times we simply gather together and enjoy each other. Each setting is holy [...]

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The joy God takes in our joy together…

I love the fall at Holy Spirit  because it seems like every week we  have several exciting things happening. At the moment I am having a hard time staying at my desk because just outside the office are lots and lots of beautiful plants for our plant sale. I just want to go out and [...]

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